Over the past decade, cities and towns across the country have seen significant increases in the production and identification of clandestine drug labs. These labs not only introduce dangerous drugs into the community, but also create major safety and health risks. When a drug lab is seized by law enforcement agencies, production materials and chemicals are removed, but residual contamination may remain in porous wall and floor coverings, heat and air conditioning vents and furnishings. In many cases, new occupants moving into former drug labs are unaware of the problem.

Talon Restoration has on-staff certified drug cleanup specialists as well as on-staff Qualified Drug Lab Inspectors certified by the state of Indiana.  If you are a property owner that has had a house, apartment, outbuilding or vehicle seized due to drug lab production, Talon will ensure the property is completely cleaned, issue a Certificate of Decontamination, and certify the property as safe for occupation.