Hoarding Cleanup Services

A hoarder has difficulty discarding or parting with their possessions. Commonly hoarded items include books, boxes, newspapers, magazines, clothing and food. A hoarder may suffer severe anxiety when attempting to discard or donate the items, increasing the odds of excessive accumulation. As items accumulate, the hoarder experiences greater difficulty in organizing these possessions. The problem escalates to the point that living space is compromised and quality of life is severely diminished. The hoarder will live with broken appliances and systems because they are too embarrassed to allow a repair service into their home. Quality of life is severely affected, and the destructive cycle continues.  Family members might become angry, resentful or depressed. Separation/divorce, eviction and loss of child custody can be the direct result of this situation. 

The dangers caused by hoarding can also cause serious problems if emergency responders need to access the property. Many fire departments are experiencing serious fires, injuries and deaths as a direct result of hoarding. Blocked exits prevent escape from or entry into the home. The piles of possessions can be trip hazards, injuries from falling objects can be more prevalent, and excessive fire loading can lead to collapse. 

As a restoration and remediation company with industry-approved certificates, Talon can assist with these problems. Whether you need help cleaning one room or an entire house, Talon is here to support you and your family every step of the way. In addition to providing assistance with cleaning projects, we can also provide expert service in the following areas:

·       Removing hazardous waste

·       Discarding non-salvageable furniture/contents

·       Cleaning furniture/contents

·       Remediating mold

·       Removing and/or replacing damaged flooring

The effects of hoarding situations can touch and affect so many aspects of family life and relationships that addressing the situation directly and swiftly can be critical. If you’re in need of any assistance with a hoarding or home clear-out situation, let us help you today.