Exterior Home Maintenance: Foundations

We've always been told that the key to a sturdy home is a solid foundation, so what can you do to make sure this critical area is properly maintained? While we can't do too much to change the structural integrity of our foundations, we can focus on grading and landscaping around the perimeter of our homes to help prevent issues with termites, water seepage, and air flow.

Here are some tips to maximize the benefit of your home's foundation:

  1. Termites don't like exposed or open areas, so creating some distance between the ground level and an exterior wall will help prevent termite entry.
  2. Leaving your foundation slightly exposed and grading your landscaping away from your home will help prevent water from settling around the foundation.
  3. Six inches of foundation should be exposed for brick or cement exteriors, and eight inches for wood exteriors.
  4. Feel free to plant gardens around your home that hide the exposed foundation, but leave one foot of space from full growth to your home. This allows air to flow between the garden and your home, which can also help prevent termites.