Are You Ready For Spring Cleaning?

Spring is just around the corner! It’s time to create a checklist of exterior home repairs and projects.  

  • One that should be at the top of your list and completed as soon as weather permits is to check all structures for loose or leaky gutters which can lead to water in the basement or crawl space due to improper drainage. Check the downspouts to ensure they are draining away from the foundation and are free of debris.

  • Brick and/or block areas should be checked for mortar that may be cracked or crumbling. Scrape away any loose mortar and replace it with new mortar to prevent water from penetrating these areas.

  • Freeze damage can occur to outside hose faucets. A quick check may prevent a lot of damage. Turn on the water at the outside faucet and place your thumb or finger over the opening. If the flow of water can be stopped, the pipe inside the structure may be damaged and need to be replaced.  

  • Exposed wood can be easily damaged by rain. Check the wood trim around windows, door, railings and deck. Make these repairs immediately!  

  • Your roof may have suffered damage due to the winter weather. Inspect your roof or hire a professional to complete the inspection. Check for shingles that have come loose or are broken. These inefficiencies can allow your roof to leak and water to puddle.  

  • It is not uncommon to see yard flooding when the spring rains arrive. The key is to prevent foundation flooding and damage by filling in the low areas in the yard or next to the foundation with compacted soil.

Staying on top of preventative maintenance like this can help keep your home looking great year after year, and also help you save money by avoiding costly large-scale repairs. It takes a little bit of work, but a little spring cleaning goes a long way!