Hunkering Down for Winter

With freezing temperatures looming on the horizon, now is the perfect time to knock out some preventative winter home maintenance.

Here's a quick checklist of things you can do to keep your home in great shape as winter settles in:

  • Remove garden hoses from outside faucets
  • Clean rain gutters after all leaves have fallen
  • Cut away tree branches that could fall on your house during a storm
  • Wrap pipes in unheated locations with foam insulation, pipe wrap or heat tape
  • Install storm windows or cover windows with plastic
  • Close outside vents to your house
  • Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detector
  • Have your fire extinguishers inspected and recharged
  • Have your furnace inspected and cleaned by a professional
  • Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans to clockwise
  • Have your snow equipment service